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Friend's Models

Here is a selection of model pictures either sent by friends or taken by me of their models.  If you have some pictures of post-WW2 tanks or softskins that you'd like to see here, let me know.
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Glenn Gerson - Glenn lives in Rouses Point, NY, and builds models from all eras.  He's heavily into ordnance and even though some of his pics are not of modern armor - too bad - he's a friend and I'm da boss.

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Jim Johnson - Jim lives on St. Paul Island, Alaska and models mainly modern U.S. armor when he's not arresting baby fur seals or clubbing drunks.

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Rick Bennett - lives in Oregon and models from all eras.  Here are some of his modern subjects.

amx30.jpg (9630 bytes)   sho't1.jpg (17856 bytes)   sho't2.jpg (14639 bytes)   shadowbo.jpg (12222 bytes)   nightfir.jpg (7175 bytes)   ontos.jpg (154211 bytes)   ontos2.jpg (131046 bytes)   ontos3.jpg (111908 bytes)


Scott Dimmick - Scott has been on a serious Sherman trip for a while, but he sent me these pictures of a T72 that he built a while back.

pic00009.jpg (27720 bytes)  pic00004.jpg (31482 bytes)  pic00001.jpg (31264 bytes)  pic00003.jpg (70584 bytes)


Bugman - Mike McNichols is a modeler from Albuquerque.  He managed to send me some pictures despite having to take care of his new larva.

bcenturion.jpg (36370 bytes)  bcenturionb.jpg (26936 bytes)  bchallenger.jpg (34964 bytes)  bcheiftain.jpg (36577 bytes)  bgeparda.jpg (26195 bytes)  bleclerc.jpg (14243 bytes)  bleo2.jpg (17379 bytes)  bmerkava.jpg (25927 bytes)  bt74.jpg (17024 bytes)  bt90.jpg (26330 bytes)  bt90b.jpg (43594 bytes)


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Jonatan Skoot - is from Sweden and 16 years old.  If he keeps this up, in a few years, we may have another "Cookie" or "Shep" on our hands.

 M-48 Patton.JPG (96061 bytes)   whippet2.jpg (74421 bytes)  More to come




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