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AMPS 2000
As per usual...if you recognize your model, email me and I'll put your name with it.

A couple of 1/35th PzH2000's really stood out,
as did Matt Malogorski's 1/72 version:

a2kpzh2000a.jpg (29970 bytes)  a2kpzh2000b.jpg (29647 bytes)  a2kpzh2000c.jpg (25624 bytes)  a2kcompare.jpg (34292 bytes)

Bill Steinman brought his "Elvis" tank.  
It was featured in MMiR magazine.

a2kelvis1.jpg (44199 bytes)

John Lam's Challenger I

a2kchall9.jpg (26572 bytes)  a2kchall4.jpg (28349 bytes)  

Olaf Kievet's KIFV
He seemed to have a great time speaking his native tongue 
with Rob Plas and Jan-Willem DeBoer

a2kifv1.jpg (29411 bytes)

Matt Malogorski entered a number of outstanding models:

a2kleclerc1.jpg (32030 bytes)  a2kabrams1.jpg (26399 bytes)  a2kscim1.jpg (40269 bytes)    a2kjeep1.jpg (27444 bytes)

Frank Huot entered his fabulous Coyote:
These pictures don't do it justice!

a2kcoyote1.jpg (29853 bytes)  a2kcoyote2.jpg (30230 bytes)  a2kcoyote5.jpg (22441 bytes)  a2kcoyote3.jpg (28675 bytes)

I believe that this is Jose Rodriguez's Challenger I

a2kchall5.jpg (32385 bytes)  a2kchall6.jpg (27720 bytes)  

Bill Whitley's M110

a2km110a.jpg (33165 bytes)

Here are some more models by unidentified entrants.

a2k3.jpg (41044 bytes)    a2k105a.jpg (26728 bytes)  a2kdio1.jpg (34398 bytes)  a2km60a.jpg (26215 bytes)

a2kbrad1.jpg (25153 bytes)  a2kleo1.jpg (27257 bytes)  a2km48a.jpg (36778 bytes)  a2kweasel1.jpg (31008 bytes)

    a2kchaf1.jpg (29845 bytes)   a2k113a.jpg (31748 bytes)  a2ktype74a.jpg (30343 bytes)  a2km103a.jpg (29783 bytes)

a2km113b.jpg (24348 bytes)   a2km113d.jpg (25471 bytes)  a2km88a.jpg (39508 bytes)    

a2klvt2.jpg (27713 bytes)  a2klvt3.jpg (33727 bytes)